1 How to upgrade firmware of Vigor Router remotely ?
2 I failed to upgrade Vigor Router's firmware from my Mac machine constantly, what should I do?
3 How to bring back my router to its default value ?
4 What are the differences among these firmware file formats ?
5 Ways for firmware upgrade.
6 How to use Syslog tool on Mac OS ?
7 How to reset VigorTalk ?
8 How to upgrade firmware for Vigor2000 ?
9 How to manage Vigor Router remotely ?
10 How do I telnet into Vigor router ?
11 How do I tell the type of my Vigor Router is AnnexA or AnnexB? ( For ADSL model only )
12 How do I reset/clear the router's password ?
13 How can I backup/restore my configuration settings ?
14 How to Transfer Syslog through VPN Tunnel ?
15 How to monitor the status of users in User Management ?
16 Why do we have a lot of DSL modem codes for customer to choose?
17 How to login my Vigor Router?
18 How to monitor VPN status via Syslog Utility
19 Best Solution for VDSL


1 From Vigor router's LAN subnet, why does "Trace Route" not function in a Linux system although it works normally from a Win2k box ?
2 Why my router can't update the new IP on DDNS, I always get a message "Send HTTP request error" on View Log ?
3 I cannot get into my Vigor's web configurator and the Dial-up Networking tries to dial continuously. What should I do ?
4 Why can't my router be used with my cable modem ?
5 What is Dynamic DNS ( DDNS ) used for ?
6 Why Vigor Router can not get routing information via RIP from other routers ?
7 My Vigor router is Annex A, can I use it on an Annex B line? If not, is there a firmware available for upgrading the Annex type ?
8 What are the SNMP OIDs in Vigor routers ?
9 How can I configure my Vigor ADSL router in the bridge mode when user use PPPoA/PPPoE ?
10 I can neither map shared disks nor see other computers in my network neighborhood, although I can successfully ping them, what should I do ?
11 How to Use PRTG to Monitor Vigor Router Network Traffic ?
12 I cannot access Internet through my Vigor router and the Syslog keeps popping up “Source MAC address doesn't match ARP Sender's MAC address” messages. What should I do?
13 How to reboot Vigor Router with schedule ?
14 How to verify the user identity via external server authentication (RADIUS or LDAP ) ?
15 What is syslog facility option
16 How to force all traffics going through WAN2 when both WANs on Vigor are active



1 How to use SmartVPN Client Utility to dial in Vigor2130 through IPSec Tunnel for Remote Dial-in User
2 What does function "Change default route to this VPN tunnel" mean
3 Is it necessary to installed additional programs on the computer to use SSL VPN service
4 What are the advantages and disadvantages of SSL Proxy and SSL Tunnel
5 Why some folders are missing while using SSL Application - Samba
6 Why adding Java Applet support for SSL Tunnel
7 What is VPN Backup
8 Does Vigor support IPSec NAT-Traversal
9 How Can I Forward TCP 443 on SSL VPN Gateway
10 How can a Remote Dial-in user use a fixed LAN IP address instead of getting the IP address assigned by Vigor VPN (PPTP, L2TP) router
11 How to Allow Second Routing Subnet to Access VPN
12 How to access peers with different VPN through IPSec Tunnel
13 How to receive Syslog information of remote Vigor router via VPN tunnel


1 How to establish WDS connection between Vigor2820n and Vigor2800G under WPA mode (Repeater mode) ?
2 Why the connection rate will not be over 54Mbps after the data encrypted in IEEE 802.11n WLAN ?
3 How to make WDS connection between Vigor router and VigorAP 700 with WPA/WPA2 mode
4 My WLAN signal cannot reach my client PC, how can I booster the signal to provide a wide coverage
5 What is Wireless LANs ( WLANs )
6 What is Infrastructure mode



1 What types of DECT phones are compatible with Vigor2710VDn ?
2 Does VigorTalk support Hotline function ? How to achieve it
3 How to set QoS for VoIP traffic
4 Why the Inband DTMF tone cannot be detected by Vigor VoIP Router
5 How to use BLF function in VigorPhone 350 BLF
6 How to use Call Barring
7 What is VoIP
8 What is RTP
9 What is SIP
10 What is the relationship between MGCP, SIP and H.323
11 What is MGCP
12 What is E.164
13 What about Firewalls
14 What kind of quality can I expect from VoIP
15 What is the difference between FXS and FXO
16 What is a Gatekeeper
17 Should I use SIP or H.323
18 Why does VoIP support new emerging technologies better than the PSTN
19 How to check if the FXS ports of Vigor VoIP Router is workable
20 After changing local SIP port, I fail to register to my SIP server ! Why
21 Which CODEC is best to select
22 What is PSTN life line function
23 Why there is some noise of Vigor2900V
24 Does Vigor support Caller ID
25 How to dial IP address directly from the handset
26 Why the used CODEC is not the one I select in Vigor VoIP Router
27 Does Vigor VoIP Router support H.323 protocol
28 Does Vigor VoIP Router support Fax over IP
29 Is VoIP significant technology
30 How much bandwidth does a voice call use on my IP network
31 Does a VoIP call transmit continuously across the IP network
32 How to open UDP 5060 port to the internal SIP server behind Vigor VoIP routers ?



1 How to set up Remote Activation Function
2 What is S0
3 How to set up the ISDN LAN to LAN profile
4 How to configure ISDN port 2 to be NT or TE mode
5 Why my ISDN device doesn't get signal through Vigor router's ISDN S0 port?
6 How to configure ISDN port 2 to be NT or TE mode ?

Sécurité / Pare-feu / Filtrage URL

1 How does QoS in Firewall Policy work
2 Why do I get "Request time out." in pinging Vigor routers with large ping size when "Block Ping of Death" or "Block ICMP Fragment" is enabled
3 Which IM, VoIP and P2P software can Vigor Router CSM block
4 How to block ICQ
5 How does the Vigor IP Filter check outgoing or incoming traffic
6 Why the TCP port 0 and 1 of Vigor Router are scanned in CLOSE status after I turn on the Block TCP flag scan function
7 How to use the Web Content Filter (WCF)
8 How does Load-Balance Policy in Firewall rules work
9 Comment faire pour bloquer Facebook avec filtre de contenu web / URL Le filtre de contenu
10 What is Strict Security Firewall
11 How to authenticate clients via User Management
12 How to configure certain computers accessing to Internet
13 How to limit external IP accessing into my website via IP Filter
14 How to Block Facebook (HTTPS)?
15 How to Block YouTube with HTTPS (LAN DNS)?
16 Comment activer le service ZenMate dans les routeurs DrayTek?